The VMOS process - What - what is it?

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Manufacturing Operating System is a tool for planning, implementation, monitoring, tuning and adjusting our processes to improve our operating results. VMOS is the transition to management of Value Added, which are identified by product specific objectives, planned improvement actions, uses the resources to implement actions and improve our resultsOperational managers are responsible for the VMOS process. Plant managers are the champions of VMOS, leading the culture change through the organization to align with the objectives of each financial objectives of the plant.1.1 The model VMOSThe plants receive their objectives by the chief operating divisions. VMOS connects these with each employee using a process of approaching this: "objective, planning and implementation of the strategy of the plant."A successful implementation requires the involvement of operational managers as tutor and active leader to ensure that everyone at all levels of the organization is involved in this process.Business groups that influence the financial results are included also in the process VMOS. Plant managers and provide financial affect these points to help achieve the objectives factory.VMOS process, with a structure tutor / apprentice with a process and performance leadership, ensures each employee to monitor and take responsibility in the process of continuous improvement.
Objectives via Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA)Continuous improvement is a continual process of looping based on experience, learning and measurement process according to the wheel W. Edwards Deming.PLANNIFIER (MAP): PROVIDED workThe Director shall forward the operational objectives of the division in plants. Factories build an action plan also called for progress improvement plan (PAP) to achieve these objectives (safety, quality, delivery and cost). Detailed plans are identified using the VA process through the construction of CSM, FSM and ISM. Then the factory aligns resources to priority projects under the PAP factory. The results and actions of the business division are also monitored through the PAP.DO (DO) - Implementation of actionsImplementation of the action plan following the schedule and process mentor / apprentice to obtain the expected results.CHECK (CHECK) ProgressVMOS is based on open communication around the objectives of the plant. The schedule will become the focus of regular reports. It gives the opportunity to become a management tool and sponsorship. The goal is to find and solve the inevitable problems created during implementation.The POR (Plant Operating Review) is a meeting at which the steering committee conduct a review of the PAP, plant performance compared to targets and benchmarking performed. When projects are not under control, the blocking points must be understood and the necessary assistance provided through the relationship of mentor / apprentice where the problem lies. The same model is used at each level in the plant as soon as you realize an improvement activity.Establish (ACT) on our teaching / FeedbackThe presence of problems generated IORS the implementation of improvements is inevitable. The plant must constantly align resources to priorities (based on the results).The plant draws lessons and integrate them into the system for inclusion in the next cycle of PDCA (loopback, capitalization and feedback).

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