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Here are some explanations about the differences between the post-click and post view, two terms frequently used in the wonderful world of web marketing.Post-click and post view: a case of cookie
The affiliate internet works through a system of cookie.
Cookies are small files that are perfectly harmless deposited into your computer as and when you visit sites. Try to clear your browser (chrome, firefox or other) and you suddenly lose a lot of information and degrade your browsing experience. Your preferences will no longer be used when you visit your regular sites and so on.
Membership allows entire sites to live like the price comparison. These sites act as intermediaries between users in search of a product on one side and the other commercial sites. They pay themselves by taking a percentage of sales, or by charging merchants based on the number of clicks they receive on their website, and guess how do they measure that? Through the course cookies. Why these intermediate sites? Just because everyone is not expert in traffic generation. To each his own business.
Internet merchant would struggle to exist if there was not cookies. The industry affiliation uses two types of cookies: Cookies post view and post plays cookies. Two words used as adjectives mostly. There is talk of post view and post campaign click campaign.Post click
Cookies post plays are entitled to compensation through the site based on clicks made by users. Direct performance is required: here we must be able to directly measure the relationship between the sale on the site and click made on the internet.

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The situation of the post click may be more complicated than it seems. A surfer, before making a purchase on the internet will take time and will compare it to go through several different websites. The prevailing rule is that membership in the last cookie is clicked faith, in other words, if the user clicks on the link but do not buy, returned the next day who clicked on a link placed on another site, it is this other site that will be awarded the sale. Unfair tell you, but it is. Where the good performance in terms of conversion of retargeting (this technique is to show you the banners of sites that you have seen and are usually at the end of string conversion).
Cookies post click deposited are usually valid for 30 days ie if the user buys 30 days after you click the link and the website will be awarded through the sale, provided you have been the latter in its path, just before the purchase.
View Post
The post view is based on the display, the display. Unlike the post click, this type of cookie entitle to compensation on a shorter period of time, usually not more than a week in the affiliate industry. The commissions offered are also often much lower than the post plays cookies.
If the user sees a banner ad and makes a purchase on the site in question without having previously clicked on the banner in question, in this case the intermediate site shall be entitled to a compensation system with this post view.

Cookies are the sinews of war in the e-commerce and in the field of membership. Understanding the differences and implications between the cookies is essential to move in the middle of web marketing.

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