3 ways for e-merchants to receive more visits

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E-merchants looking to increase their sales and before that their traffic.
Find intersections when hearing has launched its e-commerce site is not easy: the three basic strategies are content development, acquisition of keywords on Google adwords and the creation of a affiliate campaign.Developing content for SEO
Many agencies specializing in SEO as Axe-net recommend establishing, in parallel with the e-commerce site, a blog to generate content and then return visitors.
Why this strategy?
Search engines such as Google are fond of content. Keywords typed in the articles will generate through the search engines traffic to the blog. Just put in place following the links within articles pointing e-commerce site.
The focus is in the acquisition of natural traffic, but creating a blog for your business on line is also a great way of communication with your customers.
At the virality and multiplying the weight of social networks in the distribution of traffic, develop a site of great content with real value can not only be a means of communication but enhance your image to users and put in a position of trust conducive to shopping.

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Doing reduce the price of your suppliers based on price
In all cases, a nesting blog / e-commerce site can be used to grow its traffic.
The themes are many: Writing buying guides, sharing a passion around a product .... the trick is to create a blog that is interesting enough for the reader as it pushes back and talk about him and not just brag about the brand.The development of traffic through adwords campaigns
Acquire keywords in parallel of SEO can be so paid. Google has developed several years ago about an effective auction keyword system to allow any e-shopping or just any website owner dae make purchase shares of keywords.
Key words once purchased, the author has yet to write a commercial advertisement of a few words that will push users to click on the offer. The owner will pay the search engine for every click on the ad.
This announcement will appear not only in the results page of search engine but also the remote ad-commercial links that can be seen on the websites aportant marked "Google Ads" network.Membership
Membership is the way that has been developed to enable e-retailers to achieve their promotion via a set of sites, the principle is as follows: the e-commerce site offers its offers a set of sites that will bring him traffic in exchange for a fee. Any relationship between merchant sites and network sites ("affiliates" sites) is done in 90% of cases via affiliate platform.
Big names from the world of e-commerce such as eBay or Amazon have internally developed their own affiliate network, there is no need to go through a platform.
The major affiliate networks are TradeDoubler, Zanox Effiliation, but there are dozens in almost all countries.

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