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WordPress, the well-known bloggers worldwide CMS is also acclaimed by the tops blogs worldwide.

A study of the website available pingdom studied the top 100 world's largest blogs and watched what the CMS acclaimed by webmasters.

Here are the results of the study:



The ranking was determined by sorting the hearings recorded via Technorati. Unsurprisingly, WordPress is the most used platform. It has more than 65 million, but amazing websites surprise when the power of CMS, its simplicity and flexibility are known. WordPress also has a rich active eco-system, publishing numerous themes, Hacks and other plugins to significantly increase the capacity of the tool.

The study also shows the relative stability of top blogs in the choice of CMS between 2012 and 2013. Not surprising since the bigger sites are probably the same as last year and where any change is costly for a new internet-website development, risk of loss of positioning in the search engines and so on.

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