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What is the role of the title? do click! You regularly send emails to communicate with your prospect base? The first objective is that your readers will want to open your email. You monetize your site with adsense links? Here are 7 tips to increase your click through rate on these items.The importance of a high click rateThe CTR also called CTR (Click throught rate) is extremely important and in many ways.Not only a high click rate will mean that what you have to say seems to be interesting, but mostly it click rate is now analyzed, dissected and reflected in the algorithms of the search engines. Your page has a low click through rate? It will be immediately taken into account by the search engine and ranking is found in penalized. Your site must register a high click rate both increase:

the number of pages viewed by visitors
reduce the bounce rate of your siteWhen you send an email, you have no choice but to click on the email. Why? Just because you're not going to send an email 3 times with the same content at the same audience. Those who have clicked once on the email will not want to receive the same email several times. If you do this, the risk is to declare you as a spammer with ISPs. In terms of communication by email, so you do not have to miss.For adsense, the equation is simple: 1 click = 1 income for you.

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Doing reduce the price of your suppliers based on priceThe click-through rate, what is it?The click through rate is the ratio between the number of clicks obtained on a link, an email, a reduced number of views of the object in question picture. Very concretely, consider the example of a link placed on a site a click through rate (ctr) is the number of clicks (7, 10, 40, ...) for 100 prints, displays the link.This rate will depend on a lot of parameters that we will see below: the size of the object on the site, color, integration, lack of bug, good behavior onhover CSS classes (the change the link when you move the mouse on the link), the location of the link on the page ... All these parameters put together will influence the rate of click on the object.How to increase the click through rate?First, there is no science to increase the click through rate. There are obviously some tricks but no absolute rule. It depends on your site, your email ... the empirical method is the best, learning the test.To start, equip yourself with the right tools to properly measure testing ...To test the best way possible, you can make ab testing or multivariate testing. Measurement tools such as Google Website Optimizer can achieve this kind of free tests. You can also try Visual Website Optimizer, Optimizely or Abtasty tools do not fail to test your site.You can also make global changes on the entire site if the issues are not important (in the case of a blog, for example). In the case of a wholesale merchant website, it will be more difficult knowing that there are thousands of euros for the key ...Here are some elements to try to increase the click through rate on a website and an emailTo increase the ctr of a website ...The top of the site click is clicked the bottom of the site. This is a trend seen on many sites. An object even more likely to be clicked that it is positioned on top of the site on the bottom. Why? When the user arrives at your site, it will primarily see the elements that are positioned above the fold. The fold is what is visible on the screen of the user upon arrival (the fold, or waterline will therefore depend on the size of the screen of your computer users - this information is retrievable in all tools web analytics like Google analytics). The internet will judge a site in a fraction of seconds and will carry a maximum of clicks on the top of the page. This is especially true for e-trader who has an interest in presenting their best offers top of the page.More the object is big plus it is clicked. You want to increase the click through rate to a specific element? This will be difficult if the link or offering has a large number of pixels on the page. You must therefore ensure that the links or important to you for your business hotspots have well good visibility. So avoid the syndrome hidden logo at the bottom of the page or almost invisible link to the Internet.The color helps to push the click. The choice of a color on a site is important to push (or not!) To click. The art is subtle: it is necessary that the link is visible but at the same time, it is integrated with the charter of your site. On adsense links, experience the blocks with colors incorporated into the design of the site is known to grow to click. If the adsense block is not curbed, it clicks even more. The colors should be included but must stand for the user. too much integration has the effect of smothering the link and then make it invisible to the user. Again, the secret is to do many tests and follow analytical results for each test. You should also carefully onhover CSS classes the link behavior. A link should always be highlighted when the user passes the mouse over and mouse arrow will change to "hand." A few lines of CSS should be sufficient for this.The area of ​​intent to click. The intention to click zone, where the user is most likely to click. For example, there is nothing worse on a site a block adsense ads located in the middle of an article as seen often. The user begins to read an article and dumped here a disturbing ad unit is than anything else in terms of user experience. If you think about when the user is likely to click on a site, some places appear spontaneously more conducive than others. The navigation area is the perfect example where it is expected that the user makes a click. Navigation should be grouped as much as possible in one area on a site avoid the double bar on the right and left. A more adsense link will click if it is located in this area. Another good place to click for the user is the end of an article. If the user has taken the time to read an article or view the full page is that it has found a priori interesting. Otherwise he would have gone before. So have a block of links at the bottom of a page can be good in terms of ctr.Unity is strength. One small link is less likely to cause a click a block of five or eight links. This area links thus formed will push the user to click on a link at least. This is exactly the same as for the stores in the same sector coming together in the same neighborhood. You may have noticed that children tend stores, such as restaurants, to find all in the same area: the drains traffic aggregation. And a group of links attracts attention.To increase the click through rate on the title of an email ...Increase the click through rate on an email, push the user to open it you just send request some trick. The title should be as eye-catching as possible. Your email comes into competition with dozens of mails per day in each box. You must want to give the user to click on your email and for that there is no secret: it all depends on the chosen formulation. The most catchy titles are those that arouse the curiosity of the user. This gives for example:

X tips for success ...
Y ways to .... without fail
The best way to do that ....
Why your neighbor is the best in ...
X € to enjoy X + Y + Z
Fed up with ...? We too!
How to miss ... in 5 steps
X steps to successIf your title does not give you want to click, there is a good chance that this is the case even for those who will receive the email.Do not forget to multiply the tests: it's worth it!

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