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SozHub is a social media management tools that allows businesses to easily manage their social media pages across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Analytics. With customized reporting and scheduled posting, it allows owners to prepare for current and future marketing campaigns.
Sozhub builds powerful, intuitive social media management tools used by thousands of businesses across the globe. We help businesses delight their audience and get real value from their social efforts.

SozHub launched in 2013 and provides businesses with a complete array of management tools to help them organise their social media campaigns across the Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn networks.

SozHub is backed by Gee Media- a digital agency specializing in startups and everything else online.

Our team is based in Brisbane, Australia and we are dedicated to bringing you a management tool full of features to help you improve your customer conversions and increase your Return on Investment.

We are very eager to please every single one of our customers so if you have any feature requests with the tools please let us know and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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