HTC First: Home Facebook failures and delayed launch in Europe

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First HTC does not receive an enthusiastic welcome in the United States. Disappointments and imperfections Facebook Home taint sales. So that the Taiwanese manufacturer has delayed the launch of this mobile in France and the United Kingdom.

Announced by Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Home is available for download on April 12. To satisfy many users, this home screen, only available on smartphones running Android OS puts Facebook at the center of daily life. Wall, contacts, applications, publications or pictures, everything is done to immediately see and interact on Facebook. Currently available on some models, this software was however built natively on a HTC smartphone.

HTC, committed since 2008 to the Android OS, wanted to take advantage of the launch of Facebook Home. After sales down on 2012, what better than to offer a smartphone to more than 1 billion users. HTC's First 4G mobile in which integrated Facebook Home. As software download, this phone was launched last month in the United States. The reception was cold. Priced at under $ 100, only 15,000 phones were sold. Disappointment and imperfections Software Facebook Home explain these poor figures.
Conscious, it seems, of the situation, the Facebook team has asked HTC to delay the European launch. Before that, she wants to make the necessary software changes.
For their part, HTC, but Orange exclusive reseller in France, and, of course, consumers will have to wait. Scheduled to start this summer, no date was given. Patience may be required.

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