Samsung Galaxy S4: an output with the same design as the S3 and no S-Pen stylus?

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An ultra gadget And what is certain smartphone is that the fans of gadgets will get their money! Like its predecessor, the latest smartphone from Samsung offers fun features, but far from essential. Galaxy S4 will for example be able to pause a video when the user's eyes or turn away when scroller will nod or phone. The "Air View" will meanwhile scroller making a gesture from bottom to top, or vice versa, without touching the screen. But like any functionality "gadget", "Air View" has some flaws because it does not work with all applications ... Or every time! The advantages of the Galaxy S4 In terms of design, screen S4 is a little larger than the S3 but the smartphone is identical in size to its predecessor. The resolution is increased to 1080 × 1920, with a resolution of 441 dpi. Its thickness is 7.9 mm and the shell is still made of plastic, making it lighter than its competitors, even though he may be accused of being less quality than the HTC One aluminum or Sony Xperia Z compound glass. The S4 also offers the "Optical Reader" function, which allows particular appeal by scanning a phone number. The camera is in turn passed to 13 megapixels and allows, among other things, to incorporate filters. It is equipped with the "Dual Camera" feature that provides the ability to simultaneously capture two images superimposed (in the picture or video), with front and rear sensors. For the rest, the last jewel of Samsung quality is quite comparable to its competitors from Sony, HTC and Apple. In short, if you liked the Samsung Galaxy S3, you're a fan of gadgets, new technologies, and Dreaming of a latest generation smartphone, the S4 will only satisfy you!

The Samsung Galaxy S4 takes shape and the rumors about succession. According to the Korean site Ddaily, the smartphone would have the same lines as its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S3 and it would eventually be equipped with S-Pen stylus that can be found in the range rating. However, the new "Floating Touch" should satisfy the most demanding consumers.

La première image fuitée du nouveau Samsung Galaxy S4
A similar design to the Galaxy S3?

  The first image of the Samsung Galaxy S4 fuitée already revealed a design that strongly resembled that of his predecessor. Only the size of the screen probably differentiates the two smartphones: 4.8 inch screen Samsung Galaxy S3 against 4.9 inches for the S4. The Samsung Galaxy S4 then retain the physical "Home" button. Indeed, dissatisfied, the Korean group had finally decided to touch controls. After all, the Samsung Galaxy S3 design is very popular, Samsung does not take the risk of too disappoint its customers.

No S-Pen stylus but a function "Floating Touch"
   The rumors were denied: the S-Pen stylus, expected in the range of Samsung smartphones, will not fit the Galaxy S4. The smartphone does not take over the functions of the rating range. If Samsung gives up the S-Pen stylus for its new smartphone, it is also because it relies on the new technology of "Floating Touch" feature that will allow consumers to navigate the Galaxy S4 without touching the screen . The stylus is not essential to the Samsung Galaxy S4. Patience, all the rumors about the Galaxy S4 will be confirmed or denied

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