How to handle an error recruitment

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Proven incompetence, inappropriate or inadequate attitude to the job offered, your new employee is slipping dangerously status promising element to the casting error ... Here is how to react. Before hiring handle an error, it is still necessary to have identified. A task that is not always easy. It may be difficult to distinguish the employee who legitimately need some time to adapt to his post in hand that does definitely not the case. This reflection is much more difficult than the manager rarely has much time to complete this work of investigation and interrogation. However, it is still necessary. In talking with the recruited by regular points with him, you can easily make an idea of ​​its strengths and its challenges.

Recruitment is an act of sale, the most important is what happens before and after. After recruteùmetn, it is integration. The pre-recruitment explains often the wrong choice or cons-performance nouvelement person involved. Very often, it is necessary to look into the origin of the search, whether it was really necessary recruitment and especially sion has defined the need, place in the organization, the scope of the responsibilities assigned to this function, the consensus other stakeholders of the company on this post ... Back to detect sources poiur reasons for casting error.

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